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CKEditor - Online HTML Editor for web pages

CKEditor is the online HTML editor used by Postbit to edit posts and photo descriptions.

CKEditor online demo:

Some CKEditor hints:

Toolbar default configuration is in the file:

CKEditor Toolbar Basic:
i.toolbar_Basic = [['Bold','Italic','-','NumberedList','BulletedList','-','Link','Unlink','-','About']];

CKEditor Toolbar Full:
i.toolbar_Full = [

How to customize the "save button" from the toolbar (default function is to submit the form):

  CKEDITOR.plugins.registered['save'] = {
    init : function( editor ) {
      var command = editor.addCommand( 'save',
             modes : { wysiwyg:1, source:1 },
             exec : function( editor ) { // Add here custom function for the save button
               alert('You clicked the save button in CKEditor toolbar!');
      editor.ui.addButton( 'Save',{label : 'Save',command : 'save'});

But when you need just to edit javascript code online, always use - the online javascript editor


Post by The JavaScript Blog (2012-10-24 18:10)

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