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Javascript PC emulator running Linux

This is the browser running linux inside a web page!

It uses the pure Javascript PC Emulator, created by Fabrice Bellard (author of QEMU, ffmpeg and many other software projects).

My web browser takes 15 seconds to boot linux and the emulator runs very fast.

This PC emulator is a partial port of QEMU to JavaScript.
The file "jslinux.js" (Linux launcher) loads the linux images (vmlinux-2.6.20.bin and linuxstart.bin), creates a virtual hard disk (hda).

Try Linux inside the PC emulator here, boot from your browser:

Screenshot of the browser running linux. Results of commands "cat /proc/cpuinfo", "df" and "free":

The terminal emulator is also in javascript, similar to "termlib.js" but a new one, also written by Fabrice Bellard.

Post by The JavaScript Blog (2012-11-09 16:33)

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